Monday, August 18, 2014

Stuff doesn't get any easier

Hey all,

I really can't seem to catch a break today, from the being torn apart in a code review, to having been put on hold for my project and waiting for my superior to step in (that's embarrassing, by the way), to having nobody help me out on an issue with getting my environment set up for this other team, and then having autocorrect having me accidentally calling a coworker "nana". To be fair to me, her name is "Nan". That's not a Freudian slip, I've never called anyone that!

Everything is running slow, I'm tired, and then the things mentioned above, I've kinda just had it today. I barely get enough sleep, I haven't stayed home to recharge my batteries for a week, plus some.

Oh yeah, and I'll be on call starting tomorrow at noon.

Sorry for the ranty post, but I need a place to total the stuff that's happened today.


Life owes me one.


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Still Making Things

Hey all,

I decided that I should provide an update as to what is going on with the game, my life, etc.

I've been working at Amazon for a few months now. Working there has been interesting, since I've stopped working in games and moved onto web development things have slowed down a bit. Games require much more of immediate results and less about getting the ideal solution. Your peers judge you in different categories other than just being fast. I feel the pressure in different, unfamiliar ways. Honestly, I get frustrated in different ways too, I often don't get as much work done as I'm used to, only getting in a solid 4-5 hours of coding in.

With that, I do love the new life opportunities that Amazon has given me. I've met some valuable friends and live a much happier situation.


To clarify that: I moved out of my apartment to go live on my own, it's something I've wanted for a little while now. I still live in Redmond and everything, just now I don't have to clean up after anyone else or deal with a landlord on behalf of three people.

Also, don't live at Trailwood, that place sucks. One of the worst places I've ever lived in.

About the game, I've been working on the editor for the past few days now. The editor is almost complete and I look forward to making levels and events within the game quickly and with minimal delay. It'll be fun! I would also love to release the engine code on GitHub for people to download and use for free. I will probably move the editor into the engine code at some point, but for now it exists within the game side code.

More updates to come! I'm keeping this one short to get back to work and junk.