Monday, March 23, 2015

Mini update on game (+ Art!)

Hey all,

A mini update on the blog about Chang-e.

I haven't really talked about the game for a while, but it's moving along quite nicely. Currently in development is a dream sequence that will introduce the player to the variety of weird concepts and gameplay elements that this game has to offer.

Sample art follows.

If you can somehow make these disparate elements come together, great, you're a genius. But yeah, things are moving along quite nicely, maybe in the near future I'll show a full game screen, but not right now.

PS. Don't steal my content, you know exactly what that means. No, you can't use it. It's not even good, pay somebody else to do it, or do it yourself, it's not hard.

PPS. Seriously, don't steal it, it would make me REALLY sad.


Saturday, March 21, 2015

I play fighting games sometimes.

Hey all,

I somehow forgot to mention that I play fighting games, you can see me play here: long as the video is still alive that is. Start at minute 14.

That is all.
Oh yeah, I generally suck.