Thursday, September 11, 2014

Keep chipping away

Hey all,

I'm one of those people who believe that when things get really hard, the only thing to do is to take one task at a time and not focus on the big picture. Looking at all of the things that are difficult at once only makes the individual tasks look too large.
This doesn't work for everyone though.
The reason I bring this up is because of my latest post (before this one, duh) in which I ranted about all of the things that I had to do. Everything is under control now, all I had to do was focus on one little thing at a time. I actually feel like that whole experience made me grow a bit, helping me understand how to work with other people and integrate into systems I'm not familiar with. I can tell I'm getting better purely in my own private work, I notice my design sensibilities are improving and my overall output speed has increased. Its strange, I code faster despite writing less code on a day to day basis, I guess when I've been deprived of coding I want to work that much faster.
So yeah, all I well, and to those having a hard time: try not to focus on the big picture if it is too daunting. Focus on one thing at a time and you'll be through the worst of it in no time.


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