Tuesday, June 30, 2015

So Jimmy, How'd You Do in Florida?

Hey all,

As an update for the tournament results, here's what happened:

I won my first two matches very easily, I got to practice my Chun Li lightning loops! For the uninitiated, "lightning loops" refers to a (rather difficult) technique where Chun Li can do massive damage and look stylish. It requires me to "slide" my finger down the buttons (that is easy to mess up) within a fraction of a second, followed by a brief pause, and then a tight 1/60th of a second link into the next move.

My next match was much harder, against a player named 801Strider from Utah. I got destroyed, I lost 4 rounds in a row. I did my best to keep the rounds close, and I succeeded, but his experience clearly was above and beyond what I could handle. The match was streamed here: Capcom Fighters on Twitch. I was overall happy with my performance despite losing, I gave him some difficulty. Also, 801Strider ended up getting 2nd place...

The match after that was against a player named AceUnlimited. I lost a close set... I really shouldn't have lost, I just panicked for no reason. I won't provide any excuses but... I'm not losing to him again, I'm better than that.

Overall I ended up 2-2, in losers semis. Not bad, but I could have done better.

Evo is next, and you can bet that I'll be practicing hard to climb out of pools and show the world what I've got!


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