Friday, February 7, 2014

Chang'e and Theming

Hey all,

I figured I would take today to write about Chang'e.

My great grandmother used to directly support my gaming habit. She even got me a SNES on HER birthday so that I would stay home and not travel to my Aunt's house to play. At that point I pretty much perpetually played Donkey Kong Country 2. Whenever I was playing my great grandmother would be near me and she would take care of me. I never really wanted much more than that: Family and games.

Needless to say, I can thank my gaming habit to my great grandmother.

She died to cancer in 1999, ten days before my birthday. Even to this day, I never really have gotten over it. I was a sad, shy child. I was sensitive and I cried a lot. I didn't really care to make friends, I buried myself into video games.

Why am I telling you this?
1. Opening up
2. Providing context.

My explanation of Chang'e earlier may have sounded a bit narcissistic honestly, but I can't really describe it in any other way.

A bit longer of an explanation:
It's an RPG about friendship, and people protecting or cooperating with each other. Strength is determined by how well your team can work together, and death is a constant theme. Depressing elements abound. I have written all of the characters as a piece of myself or of someone that I know or knew. These people will have real fears that are going to be used.

It's not a typical RPG, I don't want to reveal TOO many details, but there will be a large emphasis on discovering the world and the secrets of the environment.

The world is covered in death, nobody is safe. Monsters roam the land and people are actually afraid of them, the monsters are too powerful for many people to live. The average life span of a person is about 20 years.

I'll let you paint the picture in your head from this vague description.

More details to come, along with pictures of current development.

In the meantime, you can actually look at the code for the game engine right now! I plan to open source it soon, but feel free to read the code and check it out.


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