Monday, January 16, 2017

A Sound Plan: Some New Stuff

Hey all,

So, Dean (Twitter, follow him to add to his count of followers despite him not posting anything.) and I did some talking, and we figured that A Sound Plan does not have enough variety.

So we fixed that in a quick and dirty way.

We added new rock types.

Yep, now we have rocks that explode, rocks that have a boomerang effect, and many others. Look forward to them in the next playtest!

Here's some sample art to look at.

Oh, that last one has nothing to do with A Sound Plan, but does have to do with Chang-e. I'm planning on developing Chang-e further and laying out an art style to have an artist follow in the near future.

JRPGs are notoriously hard to prototype and playtest, and it really shows for Chang-e, as development has slowed because I've run out of programming tasks for the most part, I really need an artist now to get a much needed boost.

Anyway, you can see a video of the Boomerang rock type here.

I really want to do another engine tutorial, to demonstrate JFrameworks feature set.


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