Saturday, February 15, 2014

Guts (Not your insides)

Hey all,

Some days are just... harder than others. There are days where the world kinda feels like it wants to beat you down mentally, or physically, depends on the day.

I mean, I've had days where it seems like nothing wants to work. I've had days, even weeks, at work where someone has approached me with a problem that they thought was my fault, only to realize I had nothing to do with it, the problem was, in fact, the accuser's own doing. This meant days, or weeks, of hearing their accusations and borderline abuse.

Stuff happens.

It's during these moments where I feel like certain people rise above the others, these are people who don't let bad days stop them, or let depressing work hold them back. These people have a little something called...


Guts is the unwillingness to let something get to you, the unwillingness to slow down, the drive to finish what you started or the drive to do what you need to do.

Great people have guts. Driven people have guts. Big dreamers have guts.

I feel like great things happen to those who have guts. I also feel like guts are something you develop.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: Stop letting life get you down and do what you need to do, there's a whole life waiting for you to finish what you started. You'll be better off once it's all over. Be great, because you are great.

I talk as if I know (and you probably think I'm being pretentious, and by the way, I don't know.), but I've been going through some things myself, but I've been gritting my teeth and surviving it. Nobody's life is easy, everybody has problems, anyone who says otherwise is lying and/or a blamange.

Where does this apply to Chang'e? One of the characters is based entirely off of having guts. He's a big dreamer with humongous life goals, and won't let anyone get in his way. His name is Zack, and he is Oliver's (the main character) best friend and leader.

Zack lives in a world of hardship, where people die young and where a person's ambitions amount to nothing more than reproducing. Zack doesn't want that life, he wants to see the end of the world. Zack wants to see other cultures, he wants to see the mountains up close, he wants to go on an adventure. He will get that adventure, many times over.

Zack is a kind person, a bit overly analytic and inattentive, with his head always in the clouds, but he is a great friend and a lovable character with a genuine personality.

Hopefully you will like him, art will come around at some point.


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