Monday, April 28, 2014

Everyone has a good game idea.

Hey all,

So I thought I'd chime in about those people you know who have "a totally awesome idea for a game that would make you millions of dollars."

Fact is, everyone has a good idea for a game. People are good at creating high level concepts, it's when you ask someone to design the low level aspects where most people will fall out. It's like this: everyone knows what a good, well built table looks like, but not everyone knows how to build a table of that quality.

Making games is an art, games are art, that doesn't mean that all games strive to be high art, looking at you God of War. Carpentry is an art form too, it's also very practical, I like to think of game development in the same way. There are various components that combine together to form a complete game, and a game is only as good as the quality of its parts.

Anyway, that aside, everybody thinks they have a great game idea, and when you're judging the idea, it isn't just about it being fun, but do they have the guts to actually make this idea real? That may seem a bit judgemental, but if you choose to work with people who don't have the guts to see things through, you'll fall with them.

Choose your coworkers carefully.


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