Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Life Be Changing

Hey all,

So, a lot has happened in the past few months. Namely, I changed jobs. I now work for Amazon instead of Fugazo Inc., though I'm not gonna say what I do exactly.

Frankly, I left Fugazo because working there became a real chore, lots of arguing and debates. Also, although I wasn't experiencing it directly, I felt like people we're being mistreated as employees, not being respected. I was being overworked at some points, managing programmers in the company plus coding up three different web servers that each used their own technologies... It was a lot. This would all be fine if I was paid the right amount, but I really was being paid pennies in comparison to my peers, I was hoping to raise everyone's pay by making a successful project... Never happened.

For my thoughts on publishers, you can read the previous post, I'm not gonna write it again.

Although I grew to dislike working at Fugazo, I love the people there, and I'm not done with games! I want to re-enter the games industry on my own terms, and make the games I want to make. I would like to run a small indie group where the fans would help us dictate what we would make. This is a far off dream though, though that's never stopped me from trying!

Project Chang'e is moving along smoothly, I just need art and this project can really get rolling. I've been teaching myself to draw with terrible results hahahaha.

So that's an update so far on what's going on, hope it was at least interesting to read.


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