Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I made a thing!

Hey all,

I wrote some music samples that will be in Chang'e. I'll be extending them in the near future so that they're not so short. But for now, enjoy (or not).
Songs on SoundCloud (sssshhhh it's our secret, that's public)

Some things I learned:

- Writing music is hard.
- Writing a good melody is hard.
- Writing a good rhythm for said good melody is hard.
- Keep in mind the different keys I can use (C, D, etc.)
- You can't really write when there's something stuck in your head.
- Castlevania music is awesome (I already knew this)
- Writing to establish a mood takes time.
- With software, I can make myself sound better than I actually am at playing piano.

It was difficult even writing these two bits, but for now I'm a one man show, and enjoying it.

Leave any comments if you like / hate what you heard. I'd appreciate any feedback.


P.S. Music belongs to me etc. etc. Don't steal it, you know exactly what that means.

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